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Our classes cater to both beginners and intermediates, offering comprehensive obedience training for puppies in a dynamic group setting. With a maximum of 4 pets per class, your puppy will have the chance to interact and socialize while mastering essential commands like sit, stay, down, and more.

Our carefully structured 6-week program ensures consistent learning and reinforcement. Led by experienced trainers, each session combines engaging activities with positive reinforcement techniques to promote good behavior. Conveniently located in Worcester or Wyre Forest, our Group Puppy Classes create a supportive environment where your puppy can develop vital skills while building confidence and socialization abilities.

Enroll your puppy in our Group Puppy Classes today to foster their obedience skills and nurture their social growth. Together, let's lay the foundation for a well-behaved and socially adept companion, ready for a lifetime of joyful adventures by your side.

£100.00 per course

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