Owner of ET Canine Counselling.

My name is Emily Treagus Petbc, DTC-ADT, ADTB graduate and I am the owner of ET Canine Counselling.

My passion for dog behaviour and to learn more about canine anxiety, started due to owning my very first anxious dog Rico.

I wanted to understand and help him cope with day to day life better and start to reduce his anxiety levels, following him being attacked by another dog at 7months old and moving to a busier residential area.

Because of Rico and the progress we have made, I started my own business (ET Canine Counselling) in August 2021, to begin to help others understand their dogs behaviours, whilst helping them manage this on a daily basis too.

Following setting up my business, I have worked extremely hard to become an approved dog trainer for The Dog Training College alongside currently holding the ADTB Graduate Dog Behaviourist status.

As a family, we have 2 dogs, Rico and Rosie and 6 Rabbits, Wheezy, Dottie, Stewie, Nev, Tina and Brian.

In my spare time I really enjoy spending time with my partner Dan, riding out on our motorbikes through the countryside, walking our two German shepherds Rico and Rosie and spending time with our amazing friends.

I am based in Kidderminster, but will always travel to you to conduct your consult, as I like to ensure that any anxious dogs feel comfortable during our sessions and we see the true behaviours which generally happen within the home or surrounding environments.

I love getting to know my clients and their lovely pets, so if you would like to know further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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